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My Shop Journal ~♥

I go by KellyKel and I live in Northern Virginia. I consider myself part of the DMV though ( D.C., Maryland and Virginia). I love all forms of art, especially painting and jewelry making. My all time favorite singer is Janet Jackson because she has amazing videos and songs. She's one of the reasons i love the Japanese culture :) She had the Tokyo inspired video "Doesn't Really Matter"

Random Facts <\b>
* Love God
* Huge Procrastinator
* Hate Driving ( too many crazy people)
* Singing is one of my biggest passions
*Favorite character is Pooh Bear
*Chocolate is my weakness
*Can't go anywhere without my camera and mp3 player
*Addicted to online shopping *cough,cough* Ebay
*Can't stand repetition
*Hate writing in blue ink -- Don't ask me why lol
* Enjoys waking up on rainy days and going to sleep on rainy days
*Absolutely love butterflies