Hey and welcome to my shop of goodies. My name is Raquelle -- pronounced( Rah- Kel) but most people just call me Kelly :) Any who I love all things that are cute and shopping and being creative.Im a college student, just trying to earn some money ^__^ I have lots of cute items in my shop so take a look and don't be afraid to message me.

>Rules: Please read!
★When asking for items Please refer to the item by the title I have given them. This just generally makes it easier for me to know what you are talking about.

★I do not hold items, if you are unable to pay in a timely manner, I will have to release your items to others. Thanks.
**All payments must be completed within 2 days of being issued unless an extension is discussed and granted.

★Prices are shown in USD

★Shipping is from the USA

★Shipping is not included in prices

★I lonly ship to the US

★All sales are final. Returns/ refunds cannot be accepted on the grounds of size, damage incurred while in transit, or personal taste.

★I accept payment through PAYPAL only. Paypal fees are included in shipping.

★If you are interested please comment in the post so that I can keep everything straight.
**Please do not PM me unless you feel it is absolutely necessary.

★If you decide to buy, please give me your paypal email address and I will invoice you.

★I reserve the right to change my rules at any time.

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Buyers & Traders

You could leave a comment on how well items were packed, my attitude, communication etc.


You could leave a comment about how well I paid ( on time or too late), my attitude, etc.

Thanks & I'll be sure to leave y'all feedback as well


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